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Pool Inspections: What Are They & Why Do You Need Them?

While pools are a fun, relaxing addition to your home, if not properly inspected, they can become a serious liability issue. If you’re having your home inspected, the home inspector may provide a limited pool inspection as well, but it’s likely the home inspector will suggest that a specialist come in and inspect the pool instead.Pool inspections provide many benefits, including the following:

What to Expect From Your Pool Inspection

General pool inspections usually involve inspecting the pool’s electrical system, primary circulation system, barrier system, interior surface and surrounding deck. Raleigh pool inspections from Pool Specialists also include thorough examinations of safety features, filters, cleaning equipment, pumps, water chemistry and more. Pool Specialist’s cost for a pool inspection is $300.

Hire a Raleigh Pool Inspector Today

Has it been a while since your pool was last inspected? Schedule a pool inspection with Pool Specialists of Raleigh, NC today you can try these out. We’re the Triangle’s choice for pool services and will provide you with a thorough pool examination and report. Call us today for questions at (919) 562-2111.